Most Social Media listening products expect you to search conversations using your own keywords. Two major problems arise:

  • Search yields all conversations matching your keywords, without consideration for their relevance and reach potential
  • Since Social Media audiences move continuously, by the time you have done your own data cleansing, ranking of influencers and figured out the relevance, 90% of the audiences have moved on
Our real time system automatically cleanses and selects the audience for your brand, providing you with 3 - 5 times more reach than our most well known competitors.


Amplfy, unlike other products in the market, does two things differently. First, it ranks and delivers the contextually relevant audience when they are still likely to be engaged, in real time. Second, our Artificial Intelligence based system tracks all engagements (for example: shares, tweets, video watch etc.) of the Social Audience with your brand's content & message and adjusts our ranking & scoring algorithm accordingly.

These 2 factors collectively bring in 3 - 9 times more engagements every day.


Our smart system's industry-category based taxonomy, industry leading AI algorithms and human-backed continuous fine tuning provides far superior results than competitors.

  • 50-70% time savings from manual data cleaning, freeing up valuable time for brands to focus on engaging the valuable audience
  • 300-500% incremental reach and 400-900% incremental engagements
  • 25-40% incremental daily leads

  • Real time conversations from across the Social Web
  • Ranked and Scored for maximum Brand Reach
  • Ranked against your competitors based on the same criteria, providing an "apple to apple" comparison

"I was impressed by the flow from listening to searching for content to posting updates to measuring the results."

- Anthony Ha, Techcrunch
  • Develop highly relevant brand messaging based on the context of conversations
  • Deliver targeted messages and promotional content to the right person at the right time
  • Participate as a peer in social conversations
  • Drive conversations by providing links to relevant content and destinations

"But the program (Amplfy) goes beyond just looking for people talking about you. It looks for conversations that are relevant to the products and services you provide - giving you an opportunity to market your product."

- Alex Knapp, Forbes
  • Relevant Conversations + Right Audience + Real Time = Higher Return
  • Based on feedback from our AI System, Campaigns are Optimized continuously

"Salorix has enabled us to participate in social conversations with the right audience in proper context, and close business with customers."

- Arun Balakrishnan, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Insurance India

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