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Social Brand Amplification

Analyze Millions of Converations Daily
Find daily Most Influential and their social graphs
Analyze Millions of Converations Daily
Deliver contextual brand messages in real-time
Influencers share brand messages with their social graphs

Maximize Brand Campaign Goals

Case Studies

See how other organizations are maximizing their social media monitoring, sharing and engagement, and will give you with some tips and tricks to do the same.

Berkshire Hathaway increases follower base 80%,
engagement 900%

The brand participated and engaged with relevant peer-to-peer conversations. Salorix Amplfy was used to select, analyze and contextually rank top daily influencers. Subsequently the brand engaged with influencers using relevant content.

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Sports Franchise gets online subscription services

On behalf of a major sports franchise brand, Salorix selected a sample set of relevant conversations in a week occurring across a brand owned handle and amply-selected peer-to-peer conversations on social network

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